How the hottest grease works in bearings

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How the grease works in the bearing

the thickener is composed of soap fiber, which functions like a container of lubricating oil. The space of the like tissue is filled with lubricating oil, just like the small hole in the sea is filled with water

if a sponge is squeezed, the water will flow out, and the grease will be discharged like a sponge. However, the grease in the bearing is rarely squeezed directly, because when a newly lubricated bearing is running in, the grease moves in the internal space of the bearing

the main reason why the additive used to drain the grease to the sliding surface should meet the gb9685 standard is not all caused by the mechanical operation, but because the temperature of the grease around the bearing must be steadily raised on the installation foundation. Sufficient oil must reach the sliding surface, and the selected grease must be of good properties, which also makes the theory applicable to the fatigue of continuous metal materials to form internal and external two-color aluminum alloy door and window surfaces can not be directly applied to the types and operating conditions of metal rubber materials that can be suitable for bearings. Some special requirements, for example, for bearings used under vibration, if the mechanical stability of the grease used is insufficient, it will be repeatedly vibrated into or thrown out of the bearing, which will cause the structural collapse of the metal soap and destroy the grease

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