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How does express packaging become "green"

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core tip: China's existing waste classification and recycling system is not perfect, and a large number of unpacked express packages are discarded in the trash can, which can not be effectively recycled. Then, express "garbage" problem

China's existing garbage classification and recycling system is not perfect, and a large number of unpacked express packages are discarded in the garbage can, which can not be effectively recycled. So, is there really no solution to the express "garbage" problem

buying and disassembling Express has long been the source of happiness for many people. However, the rapid growth of express orders is accompanied by the generation of a large number of express wastes. It is estimated that China's express industry consumes more than 9million tons of paper waste and about 1.8 million tons of plastic waste every year. According to the standard of 0.2kg per express package in the industry, in 2020, China's express delivery in the whole year produced more than 16 million tons of "Daily" solid waste, equivalent to the weight of about 150million adults

duanhuabo, an expert on circular economy of the Chinese society of Environmental Sciences and professor of Shenzhen University, said, "according to previous reports, according to the current growth rate of the express industry, the carbon emissions of the express industry will exceed 32million tons. By 2025, China's express packaging waste will reach 21.6 million tons, the treatment cost will reach more than 3billion, and the landfill disposal volume will exceed 1million tons."

China's existing garbage classification and recycling system is not perfect, and a large number of unpacked express packages are discarded in garbage cans, which can not be effectively recycled. So, is there really no solution to the express "garbage" problem

the packaging has been "fat" for a long time.

limeng is a "shopper", and receives a large number of express packages every week. "A lot of express delivery, in addition to the outer packaging box, there are also stuffed with foam blocks, buffer bags and other fillings." She said that there are usually layers of adhesive tape outside the packaging box. After the express took it out, "the box can't be used. Basically, it can only be thrown away."

it can be found in garbage transfer stations and garbage disposal sites around the country that the packaging boxes used for express delivery can be seen everywhere, accounting for a large proportion of garbage. Most of these cartons or cartons mixed with domestic waste and construction waste are stained and difficult to recycle

among the common express wastes, including woven bags, plastic bags, cartons, bubble films, tapes, etc., many express deliveries have excessive packaging. In Hubei, Beijing, Tianjin and other places, couriers from several express companies said that express packaging includes a variety of materials. In addition to cartons and plastic bags, there are also a large number of plastic foam for filling fragile objects, adhesive tapes for fixing, and express documents. In particular, in order to avoid disputes and trouble of returning goods due to damage during transportation, a large number of businesses "prefer more than less" and "increase protection on the inner and outer layers", resulting in the growth of packaging materials. However, these plastic foam, adhesive tape and other packaging are difficult to degrade. At present, electronic face orders have been popularized in the express industry to a certain extent. In addition, the paper itself can be degraded in nature. Therefore, most of the "pollution" targets are plastic bags and adhesive tapes, which are also big killers that hinder the recycling of cartons

"Ordinary Express bags do not have degradation effect, and they may not be fully degraded after being buried in the soil for 100 years. In addition, many express bags in the market are made of recycled materials, which are recycled after being circulated through various social channels. They contain a large number of bacteria and viruses, and long-term exposure is harmful to human body." Said Shenmeng, head of the marketing department of a Guangdong express material manufacturer

"the pollution of non degradable plastics to the environment is mainly the soil, which will harden the soil, lead to the decline of nutrition, and be unfavorable to the growth of plants. On the one hand, in a deeper level, even if they are degraded later, they will form tiny plastic particles, which will enter the groundwater system, then the ocean. Entering the water cycle means entering the human food chain, and then harm the human body." Zhu Lei, President of Qingdao Research Institute of Beijing Institute of printing and the person in charge of the national express industry green development industry university research collaborative innovation demonstration base, explained

the "problem" of recycling depends on

Zhu Lei believes that the public opinion on express waste in the society is slightly exaggerated, and he does not agree to use the word "pollution" to describe express waste. "(express packaging) there is no 'pollution' to the environment. To be precise, it is to increase the bearing pressure on the environment. Each city originally had fixed waste incineration and landfill sites, but now the amount of waste recycling is almost saturated, which is the most important impact." Zhu Lei said

"difficult recycling" is a major sticking point in solving express waste. The recycled express packaging boxes have a wide variety and different specifications. Classified recycling will cost a lot of manpower and material resources, which affects the recycling efficiency of express packaging. However, there are still few packaging boxes that are centrally recycled to the storage points of express delivery enterprises. In addition, the packaging is seriously damaged when consumers unpack, so it is difficult to reuse them at the express delivery points

from the perspective of consumers, many people do not know how to recycle express packaging. Some people said, "after the express packages are dismantled, they are thrown away directly. Some of them are given to the uncle who picks up garbage." "There are too many types of cartons, plastics and foam. I don't know how to recycle them."

sometimes, after violent sorting, the practicability of an originally strong carton will also decline, resulting in a decline in the possibility of recycling. At present, there is no recycling system for express packaging in China, and most of the large chain express companies in China have not yet carried out relevant businesses. The problem of "difficult recycling" has existed for a long time, and recycling is not easy to achieve

in addition, carton recycling is also closely related to the waste classification system and tape material of the whole society

"the recovery rate of traditional cartons in China is less than 20%, because the abuse of scotch tape makes it difficult to separate cartons from tape. In contrast, in European and American countries, the utilization rate of cartons is more than 90%, on the one hand, because they do a good job in waste classification, on the other hand, because they use environmentally friendly biodegradable tape." Said Xingkai, founder of Beijing yirende Logistics Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "yirende")

"most of Japan uses plastic turnover boxes for express turnover or terminal delivery. After express delivery to the destination, it can be recycled for many times, while most of China's packaging is disposable consumables. Except for cartons, there is little possibility of reuse." Shen Meng said

fresh e-commerce and takeout are the key to the production of express waste because of their particularity. A fresh packaging practitioner believes that "carton recycling" is a false proposition. On the one hand, the recycling of cartons is easy to be damaged or destroyed during transportation, and enterprises need to reprocess them if they want to reuse them, which is difficult to implement. Generally, enterprises still use cartons for social large-scale recycling system after recycling; In addition, it's the safety and hygiene of the carton. After all, I don't know what was packed in the carton last time

the rapid growth of express packaging has not only brought huge waste of resources, but also serious environmental problems. How to deal with these express garbage has become an unavoidable problem

at the end of 2020, the central economic work conference clearly listed "achieving carbon peak and carbon neutralization" as one of the eight key tasks in 2021. According to the target, China's carbon dioxide emissions will strive to reach a peak by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2060

it is against the background of viewing the quality of profile goods according to the quality inspection standards that in March this year, the administrative measures for mail express packaging formulated by the State Post Office has been officially implemented, standardizing the selection of express packaging and packaging operation standards, and express logistics enterprises pay more attention to the construction of Green Express. The whole express industry has begun the process of facing this "big test"

it is reported that several express companies have launched measures such as recyclable express boxes and shared recycle boxes. Although initial results have been achieved, they still have little impact on the treatment of express waste

to find out the reason, Lei Zhongnan, CEO of express 100told that the problem of express waste should not only focus on express logistics enterprises, but should be combined with the "Trinity" of packaging production enterprises, e-commerce platforms and merchants, so as to truly achieve the optimization, upgrading, reduction, recycling and reuse of Express packaging. For example, express packaging suppliers should exert their creativity to produce recyclable and more environmentally friendly packaging materials; E-commerce platforms and businesses that occupy the largest express business volume should avoid secondary packaging and unnecessary waste as far as possible on the premise of ensuring commodity safety

duanhuabo also believes that the environmental protection of express packaging should not only focus on express companies, but also e-commerce should join the "green ranks"

"it is understood that most express delivery comes from e-commerce (more than 80%). The packaging materials for such express delivery are generally provided by e-commerce, and express enterprises only provide delivery services (waybills) 。 At present, there is a lack of green packaging requirements for e-commerce products, which also limits the promotion and use of green packaging. In addition, taking 'parcel post' or very low delivery cost as the e-commerce cargo operation adjustment guide wheel clearance pin strategy also makes e-commerce more inclined to choose disposable and low-cost packaging materials. " The dimension and weight of Duan Huabo meter shaft are limited

the lack of replacement of industrial structure and deep transformation of industrial chain will still be an important factor restricting the express industry from "taking the test" on the issue of carbon emission reduction

public reports show that at the moment of the intense price war of express delivery, the profit is basically determined by the "division" of each package, and the use of high degradation rate packaging bags will increase the cost of each package by 0.1-0.5, which will undoubtedly increase the competitive risk of promotion and use for enterprises

therefore, under the cost pressure of green express, the whole express industry chain and policy environment need to work together to carry out fundamental industrial transformation

comprehensive treatment to solve the problem of "inner packaging"

"express packaging should optimize the packaging process as much as possible on the basis of protecting the safety and integrity of goods. First, from the perspective of packaging producers, it is necessary to design packaging from the whole process of packaging life cycle, to simplify and practice the concept of low-carbon and environmental protection." A person in charge of Yuantong Express said

it is understood that due to the cost, it is difficult to promote green packaging in express enterprises. The express industry is facing the problems of high cost and low profit margin, so it is difficult to have enough funds to invest in the field of ecological and environmental protection. The recycling network set up and operated by express enterprises has also greatly increased the operating cost, and there is resistance to the large-scale promotion of green packaging

according to Lei Zhongnan, "The transformation of the express industry needs to overcome several difficulties. First, it is necessary to sort out the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain. The environmental protection of express can be traced to the e-commerce platform as the main body, and then to the manufacturers and operators. The e-commerce platform should establish a 'green access mechanism' to control from the source. Second, it is supported by policies. At present, the paths of packaging reuse and recycling are interrupted, and opening up the path means that the cost increases, which needs to be improved for a period of time Policy subsidies to promote industrial transformation and enable environmental protection packaging material enterprises to have hematopoietic capacity,

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