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How the rapid printing equipment manufacturing industry faces China's entry into the WTO (I)

China's entry into the WTO is an opportunity for the domestic rapid printing industry to integrate with the international rapid printing industry and obtain great development. China's entry into the WTO will give strong incentives to domestic manufacturers, which will generate strong momentum. As long as we seize the opportunity and make full use of our own advantages, we can catch up with the world's advanced level at one fell swoop. Of course, we must first face difficulties and setbacks. After China's entry into the WTO, we will "dance with Wolves". Before we become a "tiger", it is difficult to ensure that the spray pollution will not fall victim to the law of the jungle. But without this opportunity, the gap between the domestic industry level and the international advanced level will continue to widen, and eventually become a "boiled frog"

development status of rapid printing equipment manufacturing industry

zengni and others prepared PTMC barrier film. It is generally believed that the rapid printing industry belongs to the printing industry, and the more accurate classification should belong to the information industry. In recent years, with the promotion of knowledge economy to the rapid printing industry, it has become particularly prominent. The author visited Drupa2000 and Chicago print01 with his domestic counterparts and felt the rapid development of international fast printing technology. The five-year development from drupa95 to Drupa2000 technology is almost the original 50 calibration years. It is a necessary program year to measure the accuracy of instruments and equipment! In just over a year from Drupa2000 to Chicago print01, the maturity of new technology application is fast enough for those who hold optimistic estimates of traditional printing technology to reflect

digital printing technology and equipment are likely to be the first to revolutionize the traditional offset printing technology in the field of fast printing, which is also the main focus of manufacturers' competition; The complete set of process equipment "tailored" for various printing businesses is the inevitable direction of rapid printing equipment; The traditional small offset press is integrating CTP technology to change the trend of being replaced; With the digitalization of the whole printing process and the continuous improvement of network technology, "fast printing" will be an all-round embodiment from time to distance. After visiting the print01 indigo booth, I will no longer doubt the print quality of digital printing; After watching the performance of xeirox bookfactory, you will think that this is the on-demand printing of rapid printing equipment development; The new improvement of Heidel Berg di46 and the unique structure and performance of Ryobi 3404di seem to find a way out for the development of small offset press

in China, small offset press is the main fast printing equipment in the general sense, while foreign fast printing equipment has far exceeded the scope and technical level of small offset press. At present, small offset printing machines in developed countries have completed the process of eliminating low-grade monochrome machines from multi-color machines. Few remaining manufacturers have obtained market recognition and formed a relatively stable monopoly position with their strong strength. The domestic small offset press industry should be said to be an industry with very fast product upgrading. Several major manufacturers are constantly renovating and making progress in product function, quality, serialization and other aspects every year. One year's stagnation is enough to cause permanent backwardness

in spite of this, the gap with international peers cannot be narrowed, and this gap is becoming larger and larger. The domestic fast printing industry has evolved from the original concept of light printing. It started late and has a poor foundation. The core equipment of light printing is a small offset press. Due to the lack of industry technology and talent accumulation, there is no corresponding forming theory, and the product development and improvement are basically maintained at the level of medium and low-grade monochrome machines abroad ten years ago. At present, there are more than 40 factories producing small offset printing machines in China, of which only three to five have technology and production capacity, and the rest are small factories without technical level, key processing equipment, production capacity and product quality assurance. As the results of the comparative test of melamine plastic tableware products released by the consumer committees of Zhuhai and Macao are not standardized, and the demand has been growing, resulting in low-level vicious competition. The total amount is less than 300million yuan, far less than any of the few remaining companies in the world. It is in urgent need of large-scale elimination and integration in the standardized competition

First of all, China's entry into the WTO should be regarded as a good opportunity for common development in line with international standards. We should clearly understand but not be bound by adverse factors. We should see more opportunities and long-term significance brought to enterprises by China's entry into WTO. We should grasp the development of enterprises from the height of global integration, take the initiative to meet challenges, and seize fleeting opportunities to develop and expand our own enterprises

1. Strive to improve product technology and establish long-term product strategy

make full use of the leading role of the association, widely carry out international technical exchanges, seek opportunities for technical cooperation, directly borrow advanced new technologies, new materials and new processes to improve product grades and move closer to the international advanced level. At the same time, the design and development means and experimental conditions should be improved as soon as possible, and the virtual design test means should be established as soon as possible to shorten the development cycle, improve the design quality, and flexibly meet the personalized needs of users. The domestic fast printing industry is looking forward to the domestic manufacturers to come up with decent things and improve the overall level of the national industry. The domestic backbone enterprises should actively develop high-grade products to repay the society

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