How the hottest glass enterprises spend the cold w

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How do glass enterprises survive the cold winter

as the domestic building materials business environment has undergone unprecedented changes. The continued downturn of the real estate industry has affected the glass industry market, and the popularity of the people's brand has further increased. The appreciation of the RMB has increased the number of export to domestic enterprises, and the number of glass export orders has sharply decreased; The continuous rise in raw material prices and the implementation of the new labor contract law have led to the continuous rise in the operating costs of glass enterprises, leading to the plight of many glass stores in the country. The road ahead for glass enterprises may be more difficult in 2009

this year is the "cold winter" of glass! It was also the most difficult year for the glass business! This is an indisputable fact. Many domestic glass enterprises should also have personal experience

up to the end of August 2008, nearly 5000 furniture factories in Guangdong Province had closed down, while 1050 glass shops in China had closed down. The survivors also had poor business. Many glass enterprise bosses were eager to find a good way to "survive the winter", which has a lot to do with China's enterprise system and personnel quality, Get rid of business difficulties

it is not terrible to adopt low-cost and low-performance mobile materials to ensure the freedom of shape in winter. What is terrible is that operators are helpless in winter

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