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How exhibition companies choose exhibition halls

understanding the needs of exhibition organizers is the key to attracting exhibition projects. So, how do exhibition companies choose among multiple pavilions in the same city? He interviewed zhuyulun, chairman of Hong Kong Yashi exhibition company, who has more than 20 years of experience in hosting exhibitions and holds more than 20 exhibitions in various parts of Asia every year

zhuyulun said that the selection of exhibition halls plays a key role in the confidence of exhibitors and buyers, and is one of the important factors for the success of exhibition companies. In the selection of exhibition halls, the exhibition company will consider the following factors:

1. The image of the exhibition hall. He said that for international exhibition organizers, although the pavilion rent is important, it is usually not the most important link. The image of the pavilion is very important for holding exhibitions. If the exhibition hall is poor, the cost saved cannot be compensated at all. For example, the oil tank is burned by the fire, and the exhibitors lack confidence in the exhibition hall and Book fewer stalls or do not participate

2. Whether the nature of the exhibition hall is appropriate. If machinery exhibitions are held, some pavilions with enough gravity bearing capacity on the ground and pavilions with convenient transportation facilities for the import and export of large machinery should be selected

3. The exhibition hall should be subdivided into smaller exhibition halls. This can reduce the risk of site vacancy and control the cost of air conditioning

4. It is better for the exhibition hall to have corresponding original supporting facilities, such as conference

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room, restaurant, bank, business center, etc

5. It is better to have an underground slot to provide water and gas supply. Today's exhibition companies even require optical fiber equipment to facilitate interconnection

6. The exhibition hall should have no regulations that infringe upon the rights and interests of exhibitors, but the experimental machine will cause errors in the results due to various problems. For example, some pavilions will prohibit exhibitors from bringing any cooperative food and drinks into the pavilions, and exhibitors must pay a high price in the pavilions. Some pavilions require unreasonable overtime pay or force exhibitors to hire the contractors designated by the pavilions

7. It is better to implement the price monorail system in the exhibition hall. That is to say, domestic exhibitors and overseas exhibitors will be charged the same fees for electricity, air conditioning, overtime fees, etc

8. Regular famous brand exhibitions, and the schedule of the exhibition hall shall be guaranteed

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