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Intelligent building: how can industrial partners meet the industry explosion point

the progress of technology and the rise of IOT application have led to the continuous warming of the topic of intelligent building. The concept of building energy conservation and intelligence has moved from conception to mature case application. On January, 2014, Advantech convened the upstream and downstream leading manufacturers and partners of the intelligent building industry chain in Kunshan collaborative innovation and R & D center to discuss how the industrial partners can meet the industry explosion point in the golden development period of intelligent building. Mr. zhoulianhe, deputy associate of Advantech business division, Mr. limanquan, senior architect of IBM, zhuweifeng, general manager of Shanghai Jianke building energy conservation company, xuyiqun, chief engineer of Suzhou times, chenzhifu, general manager of Taiwan's former long-term enterprise, and lixinglin, vice president of siedi international design attended the round table forum

lixinglin: five development opportunities, namely, economic transformation, urbanization, energy conservation and emission reduction, smart city and IOT, will bring a golden period for intelligent building to bring about industrial development. At present, our national intelligent building is still in a golden period of development. Because of the transformation and development of our country in the past two years, the development speed of the national economy has slightly adjusted, about 7%, but the national construction industry is still in a period of rapid development. According to the data available in 2013, the growth of the construction industry was still 21%, and the development of intelligent buildings increased by 25%

China's intelligent building industry is in a golden period of development. There are five development opportunities: economic transformation, urbanization, energy conservation and emission reduction, smart city and IOT. At the same time, combined with the integration of radio and television, communications, telecommunications and mobile, including network information such as cloud computing and big data, the overall service level of intelligent buildings can be greatly improved

however, there are some deficiencies in the development of intelligent buildings in China. From the perspective of design, there is basically no intelligent content in the early feasibility study stage of a project. In addition, the lack of intelligent system top-level design in the design stage means that the subsystems are connected and put into it, paying attention to hardware, ignoring software and ignoring management. The management part basically stays at the level of building equipment management. In terms of integrated management of intelligent office system, through energy-saving and office software, including the use of a large amount of data for integration, analysis and inference, to find out some control and management decisions, these are in a very initial stage and need to be greatly improved

chenzhifu: the world is moving from centralized energy supply equipment to decentralized energy system. Reducing energy transmission and manufacturing costs will be more effective in energy conservation

I want to look at a relatively small topic, how can we create more effective energy? At least two aspects should be included: the first is to use different energy combinations to create the maximum energy efficiency of the building; the other is how to optimize our system through the part we monitor, even including peak shaving and valley filling, so as to make the most effective use of our energy and reduce the greatest waste

in the past, the deformation units of the traditional energy mode (mm, cm, inch) were mainly from the centralized cold and hot cooling system. The electricity came from electricity. The air conditioning may come from the heat pump or ice water boiler, and the heating may come from your boiler. Now we have observed a trend in the world, that is, how to change from the centralized energy supply equipment to the decentralized energy system. Now it is more and more difficult to build power plants. There is a trend in the world called decentralized energy, that is, the use of local energy

can distributed energy succeed? Chairman wenxiuling mentioned that energy saving is the most expensive. If we blindly emphasize the society with too high sincerity, air pollution and PM2.5 to our customers, many enterprises may be called high-performance engineering plastics or heat-resistant engineering plastics owners. We can't tell them. We will tell them that such investment can be recovered and can be recovered soon, Under this premise, we can help business owners to be more interested in introducing methods to create building energy efficiency by using different energy combinations

Li Minquan: the future energy management will be a friendly interface, including not only the site, energy, operation and maintenance, but also the user interface, performance evaluation, charts and collaborative technology platform

we very much hope that energy management is a very friendly interface, that is, different people can see what they want to care about through different authorizations. IBM's software is not only a site, energy, operation and maintenance, but also a lot of functions. It can be divided into user interface, performance evaluation, chart and technical platform collaboration, etc. This is its overall architecture. More importantly, it is not a complete energy consumption management, but also a real estate management, especially for real estate developers, who have a lot of real estate, The management of real estate, project construction, facilities and equipment, as well as personnel management, operation and maintenance management and environmental management, are actually a complete set of solutions, which can be suitable for different enterprises and different purposes

zhuweifeng: large public buildings are the entry point of the energy management system, but the system should have vitality and need a common dialogue foundation

Shanghai now has 750million square meters of buildings, of which the large public buildings may be 250million square meters, which is exactly one fourth. We are helping the construction and Communications Commission and the city to calculate the energy consumption of a full sample of buildings in the city. It is found that 25% of public buildings consume about 55% of the building energy consumption in the city. Therefore, if we want to build an energy management system, we should start from public buildings, such as hospitals, shopping malls, hotels and universities

in Shanghai, where large public buildings of tens of thousands of square meters can be built, most of the equipment are world-class brands. However, the difference in energy consumption between office buildings of the same type and level and the same hotels can be three times greater. The main difference is in energy management. Therefore, energy management is the best energy conservation

the future development direction of the energy management system is no longer a part of the BA system in a single building, but more a comparison between different buildings. At this level, there will be a system to determine the fatigue strength limit of spring materials based on the fatigue life, and then there will be a central system. Now the real measurement in the whole building cannot be measured independently. Different buildings may not say the same thing about the same project. If the system wants to have vitality, it needs a common dialogue foundation

Zhou Lianhe: the open platform of Advantech intelligent building is built on the core software WebAccess. All partners can develop on the open platform

energy management should not be just the control of a single building or an energy-saving equipment. We are a management concept from the top to the bottom. This is the management of an enterprise building group. We use the energy data center of the enterprise private cloud to do the concept of the entire enterprise energy management. The centralized management is followed by the collection of all energy consumption in each building and related energy-saving control

Advantech provides a core software, called WebAccess. This software can have 200 drivers, and can communicate with different devices. From the bottom, there are various related devices in the so-called ba. When Advantech develops the collaboration scheme, it breaks down the tasks layer by layer to lower levels, and defines the communication data format standard of each so-called subsystem. Therefore, as long as each partner follows this format when cooperating with us, you can easily learn from us. Therefore, an open platform allows all partners to develop on an open platform

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