How the hottest Landsea s series IPPBX keeps pace

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How does Landsea s series IPPBX keep pace with the times

firmware is the most basic and lowest level software in IPPBX. It can be said to be the nerve center of IPPBX

firmware upgrade can help IPPBX improve performance, expand compatibility, add new functions, and correct errors, vulnerabilities, or deficiencies in previous versions

as a leading VoIP equipment manufacturer in China, Landsea has always insisted on providing users with continuous firmware upgrade services free of charge

however, I found that many users' IPPBX has been used for many years, but the firmware remains in the factory version and has not been upgraded. Why

reason 1: I don't know about firmware

many users don't know that IPPBX has firmware that can be upgraded. Moreover, many IPPBX manufacturers' new firmware will be released after a long time and placed in an inconspicuous corner, which is difficult for users to pay attention to

reason 2: the upgrade is too cumbersome

at present, the firmware upgrade of IPPBX is mostly manual, either uploaded locally or downloaded using TFTP server. The simplest one is that it takes two or three years to renovate and download the protected address through HTTP, but the speed is slow and time-consuming

in view of the inconvenience encountered by users in firmware upgrade, Lang regards S-Series IPPBX as adding firmware automatic upgrade function to ensure that all S-Series users can enjoy the extraordinary IP communication brought by each firmware upgrade. The performance test will be officially implemented on March 25 this year

important: before using automatic upgrade, please make sure that your S-Series IPPBX has been connected to the external cable

s series IPPBX has three options for users to choose in the automatic upgrade

if you select never check for updates, the system will not detect whether there are new firmware on the ECS. However, the user can still manually click detect new version, and the detected new firmware will appear on the page

select detect update and prompt for upgrade. The system will regularly detect new firmware according to the time set by the user, and display the new firmware information reflecting the material shrinkage deformation on the page. Click update now to directly upgrade the firmware

still feel troublesome and want to do it once and for all? Then select check for updates and upgrade automatically

for example, we set the time to zero every Sunday, so that S-Series IPPBX will automatically complete the detection and upgrade of new firmware when no one works

when the firmware is upgraded, the event center of S-Series IPPBX can automatically send SMS, e-mail or call the extension to notify the administrator

event center: the automatic upgrade function of Landsea s series IPPBX with abnormal early detection not only eliminates the tedious process of manually upgrading the special parts in the solid state testing machine industry, but also enables the IPPBX to always run under the latest firmware system, continuously improve performance, increase functions and create higher added value

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