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Leaning on the porch, the house is peaceful. The porch is the first place to pay attention to when entering the house, and it is the only place to draw air into the house at home. A poem and painting of the porch of the Jiangnan unique series, vaguely and forcefully sitting in the porch, Naji Yingfu, ready for prosperity

2018 single Series II

leaning on the porch, the house is peaceful. The porch is the first place to pay attention to when entering the house, and it is the only place to draw air into the house at home. As the saying goes, "xuanzhiyouxuan, the door of many wonderful things", this time, the porch of the unique series of poetry and painting in the south of the Yangtze River is sitting in the porch with a faint force, receiving good luck and good luck

auspicious elephant

in Chinese traditional culture, "elephant" is homophonic with "Xiang" and "Xiang", which is endowed with more auspicious meanings. The ancients said, "peace has an elephant", which means "good luck" and "being a general and becoming a prime minister". An elephant in this world means peace. Elephant trunk can absorb water to attract wealth, and its shape is like a wishful thinking, which means that it is auspicious to attract wealth and fortune. The elephant is a god beast that symbolizes peace. As the saying goes: peace has an elephant like Ruyi and auspiciousness, everything is renewed and everyone is happy

the elephant is thick and has infinite gravity, but it has a warm temperament, can understand human nature, is charming, honest and honest, and can travel far with weight. It is regarded as a symbol of auspiciousness and strength, and is also known as the virtue of animals. In myths and legends, elephants are generated by the star of light. Ancient Buddhas riding on elephants and sages riding on horses can symbolize spiritual auspiciousness. The entrance into the image is shaped like a mountain, with the implication of a mountain. It increases the backer for the home and itself, increases the transportation of noble people, and wishes a prosperous career

high mountains and flowing water

since ancient times, high mountains and flowing water have always been the hearts of scholars and refined guests, especially landscape paintings. As the ancients said, "to see a painting, one mouthful is to swallow, three mouthfuls are to taste, one taste is to taste, two tastes are to taste, and three tastes are to realm". Therefore, to view a landscape painting, one should "taste, understand, and clarify one's ambition"

and "high mountains and flowing water" pays attention to "learning from nature". It is necessary to create the environment, high in the environment, and at the same time, integrate with nature, and achieve the deepening of the spiritual realm in the deep realm of the true realm, the divine realm, and the wonderful realm, which also reflects the pattern of the owner of the house

at the same time, "surrounded by mountains and rivers, hidden wind and gas", come straight to the point, welcome the auspicious and accept the blessing. In Chinese traditional culture, mountains are responsible for people, money and wealth, mountains and water, and wealth and prosperity. As a traditional Chinese auspicious painting, backed by mountains, the water flows into the pool to gather treasures. Entering this painting at the entrance, the pattern of Feng Shui has improved the wealth of the whole house; The encircling posture of sitting on the mountain also allows wealth to condense among them and gather potential to hide fortune

at first glance, it is a chapter with lines and colors as notes. The taste of life, the dark yellow of heaven and earth, the purity of nature, the transcendence of religion, the ethereal poetry of the East, and the powerful vitality of the West are looming in it. It is said that three colors turn into ten thousand colors, and ten thousand colors turn into one color, and strangers get "ready"

in the vitality of nature, we see the unity of heaven and man and the emptiness, tranquility and selflessness of Chinese philosophy. Faintly powerful, infinite

the strong modernist oil painting texture is restored layer by layer between longitude and latitude, and the collision between the distinctive Oriental temperament and Western techniques presents the Chinese aesthetics with rich cultural heritage one by one

while pursuing light and space, poise also contains various natural elements such as heaven, earth, water and fire, which are transformed into images outside the image in tranquility and calm, creating a new living space with changeable colors, powerful strokes, rhythmic sense and light sense

(source: Poetry and painting Jiangnan art wall cloth)





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