European classic villa living room taste luxury Eu

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The light colored walls, the decoration of lamps and lanterns and the decoration of wall oil paintings have the color of palace doctrine. The furniture used in the villa living room should consider the applicability of family activities and members

the golden color system makes the living room look luxurious. In the decoration of the villa living room, you must ensure that the decoration materials used, especially the ground materials, can be applied to most or all family members

European style decoration is often inseparable from the decoration of gorgeous lighting. The living room is the most important public activity space in the home. Whether artificial ceiling is used or not, the height of the space must be ensured. This height means that the living room should be the one with the largest clear height in the home (except the staircase)

solid wood tea table and TV cabinet, with European classical characteristics

in the design of villa living room, it is very important to create a spacious feeling. No matter whether the space is large or small, this should be paid attention to in interior design. Spacious feeling can bring relaxed mood and happy mood




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