Decoration art of modern hand-painted wall

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Hand painted wall paintings originated from mural art and are now mostly used in modern home decoration. In addition to buying finished wallpaper, a fashion trend of murals has spread among young people. With the gradual popularity of hand-painted walls full of personality, wisdom and creativity, the flowing scenery is fixed on the walls, making the natural atmosphere and vitality come. Even if you write on the most ordinary and simple wall, due to the different mood and Inspiration of the creator, you will also show different styles in your writing. Choose a major wall to paint in a large area. As the main decoration of the home, the cool geometric shape will bring great visual impact to visitors, and the effect will be very prominent. Delicate flowers and natural leaves can often bring unexpected results

the tall and straight branches make the white wall vivid from then on. Exaggerated modeling, vivid performance, belong to their own exclusive scenery

hand painting absolutely adopts environmental friendly and pollution-free materials, and the materials selected are also different according to the complexity of hand-painted patterns, the place of painting and other factors







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